Sunday, September 30, 2012

Illustration Friday - BOOK

This week's IF topic is close to my heart. In the past, I had made several paintings that depict a child reading a book laying on the grass, or wondering what book to pick up from the library, or simply reading under the shade of a tree.

But as time goes by, the style with which you draw or the inspiration that hits you in the present encourages you to explore think of another zillion ways to portray a 'book'.

Here's what I came up with for this week's IF topic-Book.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Burst of Colours

When I saw the theme of IF last week ('burst'), I was really excited. I was also presented with the opportunity to make a birthday greeting for my father-in-law. He's an architect and so has an affinity for visual arts. So I jumped at the idea of making something arty for him.

IF or birthday greeting...I could only do one of them given the paucity of time. And then I thought why not combine the two and kill two birds with one stone. I will never kill birds, rest assured.

So mid-week I sat down to paint and came up with a bunch of flowers bursting with vibrant colours. Unfortunately, I got to take decent pictures of the artwork only late in the week, which meant I had missed the opportunity to post it on IF site.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share it with you all here in my personal space.

This is Camel Coloured Inks on Fabriano Watercolour paper.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Birthday Greeting

For Yogi's bookmark that I featured in my last post, I had used coloured inks and watercolour pencils. I have been having so much fun with the inks that I decided to make another piece of art. This is for a birthday greeting of a close family friend.

Okay, so I had this squarish artist paper, which I didn't want to fold either vertically or horizontally. So I decided to fold it in a triangular shape. Some measurements were needed...

Then I started with the yellow ink and some soothing music to keep me company. I have to say it's pretty tricky to carry over one line on three faces of a prism-shaped object. But I managed somehow.

And here's a three-way view of the card...

...with the message written inside.

Couldn't resist taking a macro shot of the flower. :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012


One of my friends, Yogi, lent me a book that helped me a lot to deal with difficult situations. So as a 'thank you' gesture, I made her this bookmark.

First, the sketch...

Then, the colouring...

And voila!

I used Derwent watercolour pencils for the elements and Camel yellow coloured ink for the background. The outlining was done using a brown ink pen. I usually like to use a brown ink pen to border almost everything I draw to give the artwork a concrete shape. This may not always be a good idea but I think it worked in this case.