Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm back!

After a year of 'no blogging', I'm back! I have no idea how this one year passed by. I guess between switching jobs and grappling with this thing called life, I ignored my blog. While I think that blogging is kinda overrated at times, I know why I came back--it wasn't to show the world that I have a fabulous life and post pictures to show for it, but I think I owe it to my future self to look back on what all I did in my past. It may not be pretty, but hey, who's keeping count. Randomness sometimes works.

I have a few ideas of how exactly I want to breathe life back into this space, but for starters, I want to re-post a picture that the group 'I'm Creative' on Facebook posted. I'm a shameless dreamer and I love dreamy stuff. This photograph depicts dreaminess so well.

I'm big time into crediting people if I ever end up using their artwork/images on my blog but in this case, I could not find an owner. So I'll credit the 'I'm Creative' group for now. The creative rightful owner, wherever you are, if you ever stumble upon this blog post, please contact me and I'll change the credits accordingly. Till then, dream away...
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