Monday, January 4, 2016

A new notepad design that I'm playing with

It is true that necessity is the mother of invention. My trusty magnetic notepad is getting thinner by the day as I keep using up its pages. This means it's time to get busy making a new one. If you're curious about making your own magnetic notepad, I have detailed out my process in one of my previous blog posts.

While the wildflower design that I worked with in the past is vibrant and colourful--two things that always cheer me up and also the face of my grey, serious-looking refrigerator, I was itching to create a new design. As always, the best ideas strike me when I'm struggling to fall asleep. One night, laying in the dark and thinking about how my next notepad should look like, I played around with a few ideas in my head.

Here's a sneak peek at what I'm up to. Can you guess what this says?

An upcoming design for a magnetic notepad

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